When our nation’s heroes go away to serve, life keeps moving at home often resulting in a disconnection with family members. Reintegration is a real need for our returning deployers and Liberty is ready to meet those needs.

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Liberty is the perfect opportunity for some much needed family bonding time after a long separation.

You will enjoy walking or hiking the gravel walk way and the wooded trail. You will likely see one of our friendly critters including deer, rabbits, turkeys, squirrels, raccoons and all sorts of bird life.


Our cabin is an 800 sqft rustic cabin with heart of cedar beams spanning the interior. It sleeps 4-5 people, including a private bedroom. It also features a full-size kitchen and a loft. 

Recreational opportunities include fishing at the pond, basketball and outdoor grilling.


Our outdoor decks and large wraparound porches are the perfect place to sit in the swing or the rocking chair and just relax.

Our veterans and their families will always stay at Liberty for absolutely free as a thank you for your sacrifice.

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